Ogród wertykalny Sunny Honey FR UV

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Cena: 1 235,00 zł 1235.00
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You can find installation instructions here.

With mats, a taker will help you.

This panel is made to order for a given size.

Click how to order a panel for details.

Sunny Honey ... Artificial shrubs for the garden, always fresh and blooming, will be enjoyed all year round. Thanks to UV resistance, the wall of greenery in the garden will never lose its quality. Preserved color and freshness will always delight nature lovers. It does not require watering, fertilizing or other maintenance.

In addition, it is certified flame retardant, so it can be used in public buildings.
Green Designers plants used in the production of panels are not only a fantastic imitation of nature, but also high quality. Damage-resistant textiles, plastics and rubber are used for production, which guarantees the durability of the composition.

Remember that each green outdoor wall is handmade by us, so there are no restrictions on the size and shape of your arrangement. Use our calculator and order a customized wall. In our offer you will also find many other models with different colors and textures. Check and choose the gardens and designs that suit you best.


  • The given price presents a panel of 0,5 m2 area
  • The vegetation used in the products with the FR symbol has a Certificate of flame retardancy
    • Flame retardant category "C"
  • Thickness of the green panel: 15-25 cm
  • Up to 10 kinds of artificial plants
  • Realistic effect, dense and lush structure
  • Each piece is produced by hand in our company, so all products are unique and unrepeatable
  • Does not require maintenance, watering or adequate sunlight
  • Ideal for home and professional use
  • Easy to install, does not require specialized equipment
  • Depending on the size of the wall, we adjust the number of panels and arrange them by numbering them to form a consistent green image. Once you receive the product, you can then easily install them according to the instructions in the manual.
  • Product code:GD195

Building up the sides with vegetation:

We recommend three basic solutions to hide the base visible on the sides of the panels:

  1. The composition can be placed, for example, in an alcove so as to obscure the edges.
  2. If you do not have such an option, you can, for example, finish the entire vertical garden with an elegant frame or molding.
  3. We can finish the sides with plants! Write to us to arrange details.

After accepting a specific solution, the lead time / prefabrication of products in our studio is about 2-3 weeks. Shipping possible by prior arrangement with the customer.

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